Are you moving soon? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry; our complete moving supply checklist has got you covered. Say goodbye to chaos and stress as you prepare for the big move. It gets chaotic and stressful as they try to balance their work and other things with the preparation for the big move. And then you start to worry that you haven’t planned well.

So, it starts to go all wrong, but when moving with experienced movers, the move becomes easy and quick. But, we know that for good activity planning, you need everything prepared, and you can start from the basics. But you need to pack for the action, and you need things that can save you time while packing smoothly.

The packing supplies are all the essential items you need for packing, like boxes of all sizes, tape, bubble wrap, and other materials to safeguard your belongings. You need to gather all the necessary items to pack stuff quickly and efficiently and get it done. 

Don’t worry if you need to know the essentials to make your packing process faster. We’ll give you the complete list of helpful packing supplies and materials so that you can go through this list and choose the materials according to your move. Now let’s get started. 

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List of things you need Premove 

1. Boxes

The essential packing supplies you need are boxes. You can pack almost everything in your house in large containers. For lighter things like clothes, you will need a medium size box; for heavier items like books, you need a smaller package. Various sizes and types of containers should be used for packing different things. You need to buy boxes that won’t fall apart easily, and for special items like TV and set-top boxes, you’ll need a special kind of box, so buy boxes according to your items. The first thing you need to pack is an essential item for moving.

How many boxes will you need for your move? This differs according to the number of items you have in your household, but we can give you an approximate number of boxes you’ll need for a bedroom apartment. You’ll need eight small boxes, 20 medium-size boxes, and four large-size boxes, so for two bedroom apartment total of 50 boxes and three bedroom apartment total of approximately 92 boxes. But remember, these are estimates at the end number of packages depends on how many items you have in your apartment that need boxes to put in for safer transfer.

2. Packing tape 

The second important thing you need to stock up on is packing tape. There always needs to be more packing tape, and if you’ve bought these before packing, your process will go smoother and quicker. Also, purchasing tapes in bulk will save you some money.

Painter’s tape is also a great addition, as these are known for not being as tacky as other tapes. These come off without damaging the things they are stuck to.

You can use them to label boxes or hold two items together. Also, you can use them for mapping out floor restrictions, keeping furniture drawers closed, and labeling things cushioned by bubble roll.

3. Packing paper and bubble roll

The items are made of soft and easily breakable materials, like a glass vase, television, or any other glass that needs cushioning to stay safe while moving. Bubble rolls and packing paper provide a cushion for these essential personal items.

To save some money here if you still need to get these in your moving supplies kit. You can use newspapers, clothes, linens, and any bubble roll you saved somewhere from previous shipping.

4. Scissors and Utility knife

You will need these to cut tapes, so it is the first thing you need when you want to open the boxes.

A utility knife or box cutter is also a great time saver when cutting the tapes to open a box. Many people think that when you have scissors, why do you need box cutters, but that would be a mistake. These can also come in handy at times. Somewhere, scissors don’t work like cutting through a thick plastic zip.

So another essential supply is scissors and box cutters that you must buy beforehand.

5. Pen, paper, and marker

Use pen and paper to write down which stuff is going to which box and number the boxes to later check on the list if you haven’t missed anything.

Making a list like this will help you remember what you packed where and you can settle quickly by taking things out fast at a new place. So use pen and paper to make an inventory list.

To write on the boxes, you can also use thick markers if you don’t want to use a pencil or pen. With thick tags, you will glance at what is in the box, so you want a maker not thinner than 4 mm Sharpie or more comprehensive than 5mm.

Other things with these small supplies, like a pen, marker, or scissors, can get easily lost in a room, so make sure to use the same spot for these things. So you won’t find them missing from your house. Also, you can go room by room to pack items in this organized way. Then, you’ll have less space to find even if you need to remember where you put your pen or scissors. You can also have a kit for all the small supplies to put in after work.

6. Label and color stickers 

People who are super organized can go one step further and have these items to recognize all the boxes easily. These are optional but can help identify which package has what items. By color coding, you can keep track of all the boxes. This is specifically helpful in large houses with many things. This kind of organizing will be needed for a big move. If you are using multiple containers, color coding can help guide you to the item you are looking for and help you find them easily.

7. Trash Bags

You got to have trash bags, and these can be very helpful because, in the end, there will be many things you will need to go through, whether it is at your old place or the new one. Trash bags are essential for quick cleaning, but these have additional advantages as they can do the work of a box; if you run out of boxes. In addition, you can use trash bags to pack the remaining stuff. You can fill your clothes, lines, random pillows, and covers, so a trash bag can also be a money saver as it can replace boxes for packing things in your household.

A Pro tip here would be to get reinforced flexible trash bags so that you don’t have to use double bags and do not have to worry about them getting ripped off.

Moving supplies list for moving day

1. Moving Blankets

These blankets can be used for two things; one is to cover your furniture for the move as a heavy item cover for delicate items to save them from getting damaged. Also, we can use blankets under heavy things and then pull them to move. This can protect your furniture and the floor from getting roughed up.

2. Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap is beneficial; you will need these on a moving day. These can save your furniture and kitchen items from getting scratched. It also protects the new walls of the new places.

If you hire a moving company, they’ll have this item with them to move it safely.

3. Mattress bag

Most people think they can move mattresses without a mattress bag, but you can’t move them without them being dirty, so you need a mattress bag. It is an essential item to have a clean mattress after the move. 

4. Ropes

If you hire a moving company, they’ll have these items to tie essential things for their safe trip. If you are moving with a rental truck, you also will need these to ensure a safer transport of your belongings. This will help you to prevent damage to your stuff while shifting inside during transport.

5. Locks

If you are doing things by yourself or booking a moving company, you need to protect and secure all your items; for that, you’ll need a lock. Make sure to lock your rental truck and have the key in a safe place where it won’t be lost.

6. Broom and Dustpan

After moving, the first thing you do before settling things in the new place is to clean them. So, it would help if you had clean supplies, brooms, and dustpans to clean the new space. 

You won’t need those if you hire cleaning services from your moving company, but a broom and dust pans are usable even after the move, so check off these from the list before moving in.

There may be some things we have forgotten to mention here, but if you are making a list of essential supplies, we have covered most of them. You can add more according to the items on your list. The important thing is to get started with the preparation for the move.


To conclude, we suggest you look at these topics while considering that you need a mover providing the services you require while moving. These services may include single item mover, office mover, home mover, etc. For this purpose, we would recommend a company like Moving Champs Canada.

They are an extremely successful company dealing with difficulties that may arrive from relocation under one roof. We suggest you make sure that the moving company you have chosen has the necessary experience and reliability and can be trusted above all.

You should use all the tips and suggestions above before deciding if any of the movers you choose can handle your items without damaging them.

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