The moment you have been waiting for so long has finally arrived – moving day! While you may feel excited about the progress you’ve made in preparing for the move, it’s essential to prioritize your child’s safety on this big day. Amidst the excitement, one needs to take the necessary precautions to keep your children away from potential moving dangers. Their well-being should always be the priority, so create a safe environment for them throughout the moving process.

So, to help you make your house child-proof on a moving day, Moving Champs Canada has a comprehensive guide. This blog will explore various child-proofing strategies and safety tips to keep your little ones safe during the moving process. So, let’s begin!

Moving Day Child Safety: Tips To Childproof A Home

Moving day presents unique challenges, as furniture and boxes are rearranged, posing potential hazards for curious little ones. So here are some top tips to childproof a home on a moving day:

1. Conduct A Pre-Move Safety Inspection

When childproofing your home on a moving day, the key is planning and conducting a safety inspection. So, take the time to assess your new home and identify potential hazards that could risk your child’s safety. Before the professional home removalists arrive, set up a safe and child-friendly play area in a room that will be least affected by the moving activities. This area should be well-supervised and free from any potential dangers. Also, equip this designated space with toys, books, and games to keep your little ones entertained and engaged while you focus on the moving tasks.

2. Pack A Child-Friendly Moving Day Kit

Moving day can be overwhelming for children, with all the hustle and bustle of packing and loading. To make the experience more enjoyable for them, involve your child in the process by creating a special moving day kit. Gather child-safe packing materials such as bubble wrap, non-toxic markers, and packing tape, allowing your child to feel like a part of the moving team. Additionally, they include coloring books, stickers, and their favorite toys to keep them occupied during downtime. Their moving day kit will make your child feel special and excited about the move.

3. Utilize Childproof Gates

Child-proof gates are a lifesaver when it comes to ensuring the safety of young children, especially in homes with stairs. Install child-proof gates at the top and bottom of staircases to prevent accidental falls. These gates should be secure and sturdy, capable of withstanding even the most curious toddlers. Beyond stairs, child-proof gates can also be used to block off areas where moving activities might be unsafe for your child. For instance, you can block access to the kitchen while handling heavy appliances.

4. Use Childproofing Devices

  1.  Childproofing devices are essential in creating a safe living environment for your little ones. 
  2. Ensure to install safety locks on cabinets and drawers containing potentially harmful items such as cleaning supplies, sharp utensils, or medications. 
  3. Secure heavy furniture like bookshelves, dressers, and cabinets to the wall to prevent tipping accidents. 
  4. Outlet covers or safety plugs should be used to block access to electrical outlets, reducing the risk of electrocution. 
  5. Remember to have childproof door knobs to restrict access to certain rooms or areas where you are shifting large items.

5. Keep Hazardous Items Out Of Reach

During the move, it’s easy for dangerous items to be left unattended or within reach of curious little hands. Things like cleaning supplies, sharp objects, and small choking hazards should be stored securely and out of your child’s reach. So, keep them locked away in cabinets or closets to prevent accidents or injuries.

6. Secure Wires And Use Outlets

Loose cords and exposed electrical outlets can be a potential danger to children. They might trip over cords or insert objects into outlets, leading to accidents. It is essential to secure cords against the walls or use cable organizers to keep them tidy and out of reach. So, use outlet covers or safety plugs to cover unused electrical outlets, preventing your child from poking fingers or objects into them.

7. Keep Sharp Objects Away

Sharp objects like scissors, knives, and tools should always be kept out of sight and reach of children. During the moving process, these items might be left in an open area, posing a risk to curious little explorers. So, ensuring that all sharp objects are safely stored in a locked toolbox or drawer is important.


Moving house can be an incredibly stressful and overwhelming experience, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of your children in the new home. The anxiety surrounding this responsibility can affect your mental well-being during moving. So, by following these proactive tips to childproof a home, you can create a safe environment for your children.

To make moving less stressful and ensure your child’s safety, consider booking the services of our reliable house movers in Canada. With Moving Champs‘ expertise, you can make your house move easy and focus on ensuring your children’s well-being during this transitional period. So, get in touch with us today at +1-6479322202 or and experience a smoother, safer move for your family.

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