We are aware of how much you cherish your possessions and how much they mean to you. However, when you have to move to a different site, a problem occurs. Shipping a car or home items may be expensive and time-consuming. The cost of moving home goods is not fixed and is determined by a number of variables. Several elements are taken into consideration while calculating the moving cost.

Before moving to a new area, a person considers cost as their top concern. Relocation may be expensive in general. However, there are other websites you may utilize if you want to acquire a good notion. These are only rough projections and are not 100% real.

Therefore, we’ve identified a few factors that affect your cost of moving while relocating with the cheapest moving truck rental, whether you’re moving across states for a career or because of your family.

Major Factors Affecting The Cost Of Moving

Any reputable moving company needs to be ready to explain every expense related to your move. At Moving Champs Canada, we often carry out a pre-moving survey to help us determine the average cost to move out of state. This aids in planning since it allows us to compare moving costs to the volume of the products and allocate the resources required to carry out your move.

When conducting the survey, we often consider a few factors to determine the pricing we quote:

1. Quantity Of Belongings

The quantity of your belongings is the main determinant of moving costs. Professional movers determine the total volume of your possessions in cubic meters (CBM) using the information gathered from the pre-move survey. Your quote will always make reference to the load volume.

It’s important to note that the cost will likely be higher if you’re moving a significant amount of items. This is because most resources required for the move are calculated based on volume.

The quantity of your shipment will determine how many people will be needed to complete the task, how much wrapping material will be needed, and what size truck or container the movers will utilize.

2. Moving Distance 

Your moving estimate will be influenced by the distance you are traveling. Typically, the cost of moving you obtain increases with the distance traveled.

Relocating your belongings locally from your current apartment to your newly purchased home seems to be a more cost-effective option. This is because the average cost of moving out of state significantly rises the farther the distance. Therefore, if you’re moving a greater distance, the moving estimate for you is likely to be higher due to the increased cost for the moving company.

3. International And Cross Border Moves

In comparison to relocating a house within the same country, international and cross-state moves necessitate unique planning. Firstly, your shipment may be subject to shipping and customs duties. Different packaging techniques and materials are also used.

Additionally, handling differs. As a result, your mover would need to rent the cheapest moving truck rental to carry your items and may even need to create custom wooden crates to guarantee optimal protection. The destination nation determines any additional fees. For instance, purchasing insurance is required in certain nations but not in others. Some countries levy additional charges on all imports that increase the cost of moving.

4. Timing Of The Move

Moving costs can fluctuate throughout the year. Around month’s end is when demand is at its highest and moving activity is at its height. Additionally, the summer season from June to August and the holiday season also experience an increase in demand. 

To ensure the most affordable rates and to secure the best cost of moving, it is recommended that you book your move at least two weeks in advance if you plan to relocate during these periods; otherwise, plan your move during the off-season.

5. Moving Services 

Moving Champs Canada is one of the cheapest moving truck rental movers that provide services beyond simply relocating your belongings. We can also provide additional moving services to make your move easier. Each of these services — from packing to unpacking, storage to specialty item relocation — has a different cost.

As a consequence, the services you select will determine how much you spend on your relocation. For instance, you can pay less if all you need is transportation for your possessions rather than storage, packing by movers, and assistance packing your pool table.

6. Type Of Transport 

It will be more expensive to move home goods in a personal truck than it is to share caravan space. Furthermore, it may increase the average cost to move out of state if you employ warehousing services. This is similar to how shipping your automobile in an open car carrier, where it will be exposed to the elements and hauled among other cars, is less expensive. However, owners of premium vehicles frequently choose covered carriers despite the somewhat increased cost.

7. Access

Moving your belongings from the eighth floor of an apartment building without a lift will take more time and effort compared to someone who lives on the ground floor. Additionally, if your doors and hallways are small, a rigger may need to hoist them inside through a window, which can result in additional hoisting costs for the move. Therefore, if we compare moving costs of both, moving from the ground floor is generally less expensive than moving from the eighth floor. 

In some cases, the access road of your colony to your home might be too narrow for a standard moving truck, and a smaller van would need to be used to transport your belongings. However, if you have a lot of items to relocate, you may need an additional small van to relocate or more people to help move your household to the truck parked outside your locality. This can increase your overall cost of the move.

8. Insurance 

A moving company typically provides basic insurance coverage as part of its service to protect against damages during the move. However, the extent of this coverage may vary, and more is needed to fully protect the value of your belongings, especially for long-distance or high-value moves.

While it’s true that most moving companies offer additional insurance options for customers who want extra protection, opting for this additional insurance will indeed increase the overall cost of moving.


In conclusion, relocating is a complex endeavor with inherent risks that demand careful consideration. Whether you’re moving locally or across the country, it’s essential to take all cost-affecting factors into account. We recommend obtaining price quotes from multiple local moving companies and comparing moving costs, quotes, and company profiles to find the best service that aligns with your budget and requirements.

If you live in Canada, consider Moving Champs Canada a reliable option for a smooth and flexible move. With our extensive range of moving services and experienced staff, we ensure the highest level of safety during the entire process. While moving can be challenging, our commitment is to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective service, making your transition as hassle-free as possible. 

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