Shifting from one place to another is the most stressful task, and the most strength is needed in moving your luggage from one place to another. If you are shifting permanently, many things will be shifted.

It’s like shifting your whole world. It needs lots of helping hands, but nowadays, movers make this easier for you. You need to pack your luggage and label it, and movers will come and take it in their van.

Though they made our work much more manageable, if we were handling our part of life to them, there must be a lot of queries in our minds.

No matter how open-minded you are, there is still something inside you. Having trust issues were regular at this point. Even though you have many questions, you still can’t figure them out.

Don’t worry. Here we’ll provide you with some issues which will solve your problem:


Ask About The Company (Its Broker Or A Carrier)

All moving companies have two types Brokers and Carriers. Brokers are the ones who transfer their items to the companies they have a partnership with.

Once you book the broker, they give the order to the partner company, and they will pick up your luggage. In this way, you’ll work with various agencies.

But suppose these multiple things are going to work for your task. There might be miscommunication or confusion regarding address or payment, resulting in significant problems.

While carriers handle all your moving stuff by themselves, there is no third-party involvement, so there is no chance of miscommunication. For a safer and stress-free option, you can go for a carrier.

Ask About The Coverage Option The Company Offers

Each company provides some amount of coverage offered. We can call this offer the insurance amount given by the company if any of your luggage breaks or go missing.

Most of your problems while handling your goods to the movers is this only that if your expensive item broke or misplaced, you have the right to ask for coverage that’s why it is necessary to ask about his coverage offer before handling your things them.

Coverage offered differs from company to company, so next time you book the movers, don’t forget to ask them about their coverage policy.

Ask If The Company Is Licensed Through The FMCSA

FMCSA stands for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration; it is the government agency that operates all the public transportation to guarantee the company’s safety in Canada.

If the company is licensed through FMCSA, it is not a scam. You can freehand your luggage to them. This question is a must to be asked from movers company. First of all, check their license.

Once you are assured that the company is licensed, you can freely hand your luggage to them. There is no need to worry, and your luggage is safe.

Ask If The Company Do Anything You Need

Each company provides different services. You can’t expect your new mover company to provide all those services that your old one offers. So it is necessary first to confirm what services they provide so that there shouldn’t be any confusion on the day of moving.

Here are some of the services that most companies offer; Packing, Loading and unloading, custom crating,  assembling furniture, transportation for items like hot tubs, vehicle service, and cleaning.

You can look after these services and look for the agencies which provide the services you need.

Ask If Your Company Provide Binding Estimates

Many companies increase their price on the day of moving. Sometimes it may worsen the situation and come to this level that you may have to change your company as it affects your budget badly and it is impossible to find such movers at the last point.

So make sure that the company provides a binding estimate which means the company should not increase its fees if the luggage is planned. It lessens the chances of last-minute confusion, so don’t forget to ask for binding estimates. 

Ask If The Company Checks Its Employee’s Background

Being a good customer this thing is must be asked from the company, you were trusting them by handling your whole households to them, you should also be assured that you were handling it to the right hands that’s why it is necessary to ask them if they checked their background.

In this company checks, why they got fired from their last job, is there any police against the employee, or is there any drug offence? The company should check all this about their employee then only you should hand your luggage to them.

It is the most secure and stress-free habit as you know your luggage is in the right hands.

Ask The Company How It Handles Loss And Damages

As it is mentioned above that each company provides a coverage amount. If your item breaks or is lost, the company offers a coverage amount.

Still, you should know about this process while booking the company about their coverage policy, ask them clearly about how much coverage it provides, and clearly understand the coverage process before the moving day to take quick action if any misery happens.

And also, check their reviews on their website. If multiple customers complain about their reimbursement, you should change your company.

Ask About The Shipment Tracking

Once you handle your luggage to the movers, there must be lots of queries arise in your mind, and there must be lots of doubts like what if they take your luggage to wrong way or what if the company is a fraud, to get rid of these queries you should take shipment tracking from the company. 



These were a few questions regarding a move that you must ask the moving company before handling your goods to them. Like many queries arise in your mind, you can get all your answers at our website, Moving champs Canada.

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Essential Questions To Ask Your Movers Upfront Before The Move
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Are you hiring movers to move your belongings. Then here are some essential questions that you must ask your movers upfront before the move.
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