When you hire movers for your move, it’s important to consider what are the secure things in a moving truck. Learn about non-allowable items and tips to secure your belongings during the move.

It may be due to their life expectancy, state of viscosity, fragrance, diligence, and expansiveness. Furthermore, when you go for hiring mover expertise, they give you a good list of non-allowable things in moving trucks. When making a list of your loading items, you should separate the items that you should carry in your Wallet.

These items may consist the personal use items, fragile items, or items that movers do not allow to put in mover trucks. It is easier to cure your valuables by losing them.

Protecting Your Valuables: How To Secure Things In A Moving Truck

1. Chemical Material

Chemical substances in households can include cleaning agents, solvents, paints, and other potentially hazardous materials. When hiring movers, it’s essential to identify and safely dispose of non-essential chemical items. Most chemicals are flammable and can cause safety hazards if they leak or burst during transportation. Professional movers strictly prohibit the transportation of flammable and dangerous chemical items in their moving trucks. If you must transport these items, do so in your own vehicle with proper precautions.

2. Honey

While honey itself is not considered a hazardous material, it can cause damage to your belongings if not packed properly. If honey containers are not sealed tightly, they may leak during the move and ruin other items. To avoid this, ensure that any honey or sticky liquids are securely packed in leak-proof, non-breakable containers. If the honey is in a glass bottle or any fragile container, it’s better to transport it with extra care in your personal vehicle.

3. Food Items

Movers also prohibited food items because when you are going for long-distance transportation thus, food quickly spoils within time, and rotten food easily attracts mice and other pests. This is not good for all your items also. Food items expire and cause trouble. You have to keep food items on your own basically because if you need some snacks for eating, you can easily take them with extra hygiene level and protection.

4. Jewellery And Gems

If you possess expensive items like jewelry and gems, you are responsible for taking care of them yourself. As we know, transportation is the connectivity of roads and stops, while transportation of trucks is inspected many times, so there are chances to steal your precious items by someone. Movers are also not allowed to put in mover’s trucks.

5. Official Documents

If you are moving, the first important thing is to restore your documents, such as your qualification certificate, experience documents, and other official documents. These documents are essential to keep, and you have to take care of them independently. Never let your official documents on the mover’s shoulders. Because you know the actual value of these documents, these documents will be just a piece of paper for movers.

6. Gadgets

If you have some personal gadgets such as cell phones, laptops, Tab, etc., your cell phones and laptop consist of crucial documents files of yours, so if while transporting these get damaged and even stolen. To overcome these situations, you have to keep these gadgets to your own in your car or personal vehicle.

7. Medicine

Medications and first aid supplies are crucial, especially during long-distance moves or if you have specific health conditions that require regular treatment. Keep essential medicines and first aid items with you in a designated box or bag. This way, you’ll have quick access to them in case of emergencies or unexpected health issues during the journey.

8. Glassy Material

Items such as picture frames, delicate showpieces, watches, and mirrors require extra care during transportation. These fragile items are susceptible to damage during the moving process, especially for long-distance moves with potential bumps and vibrations. Whenever possible, pack and transport these items in your personal vehicle to ensure they arrive safely at your destination.

9. Tickets

If you’ve booked tickets for travel, whether, by train or plane, it’s crucial to keep them in a safe and easily accessible place, such as your wallet. Misplacing tickets during the move can lead to additional expenses and delays, causing unnecessary inconvenience. Keep them secure with your other essential items to avoid any issues upon reaching your destination.


In conclusion, when planning a move and hiring professional movers, it is vital to be mindful of what items are secure to transport in the moving truck. Understanding the list of non-allowable items and taking necessary precautions can help safeguard your belongings and ensure a smooth relocation process. By being proactive in safeguarding your valuables, you can avoid potential damage, loss, or inconvenience during the journey.

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