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A change in life is necessary, especially when it brings happiness to your life. When you decide to move to a new place, it brings happiness to your family and life as you start a new phase of your life. You will reside in a new place with new people and lots of environment. But this flow of happiness finally comes with a bunch of stress and tiredness. Now you have to plan everything accordingly because moving house is not everyone’s cup of tea.

House removal is a time consuming and intensive labour process, which brings tiredness and fatigue to your body. You will need to begin planning for your move at least four or five weeks before the actual move. When you start planning for it solely, planning will take a lot of time. Then you will have to arrange all the necessary pieces of equipment and materials needed to move your luggage from one place to another.

There are two kinds of people: those who prefer moving their belongings on their own, and the other types are those who hire professional house movers to move their house. Both are right about their choices and needs. But we will still recommend you to hire professional house movers in Norwich. Professional house movers will make your move easy and hassle-free for you. They will aid you with all kinds of moving services throughout the move and help you with their reliable services.

But there are a lot of inquiries that arise in one’s mind while hiring house moving services, which includes cost and type of services that movers provide. But when you hire Moving Champs, you don’t have to worry about cost & quality of services. Moving champs will provide you with the most reliable house moving services in Norwich at a price that suits your pocket. And hiring professionals will help you as you will be able to clear your extra pending works in that time. Moving Champs is a group of hardworking and experienced house movers in Norwich working hard in this field for many years to provide our customers with a quality moving experience.

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Why Hire Our “Professional Residential Movers” In Norwich?

While hiring any services, the first question that arises in our mind is why? That why we should hire these services and what will they offer us that their competitors won’t? Then you should see. From organizing to reassembling, we believe that every work takes time and should be done correctly. That’s why our expert movers will aid you with all the services that come under the moving process in a budget that suits your pocket. Let’s discuss why you should hire Moving Champs as your ultimate moving partner.

  • Experienced Movers: Our house movers are experienced in moving houses and apartments from one place to another. We have many years of experience and have moved thousands of houses and condos in Norwich. We have built a happy family of customers who are satisfied with our home moving services. So while hiring us, you will pay for our experience and nothing else.
  • Licenced Moving Company: We are a licenced house moving company in Norwich. We have a proper licence authorized by the local authorities to run a moving company in Norwich. So you don’t have to trouble about the quality and security of our services.
  • Expert Movers: Our movers are experts in moving houses from one place to another. They know their work very well, have knowledge of moving different types and sizes of houses, and are still working in this field professionally. All our movers are hardworking and are dedicated to their work.
  • Affordable Rates: Most people worry about the prices of house removal in Norwich and sometimes can’t able to avail those services because of their high prices. But while hiring Moving Champs, you don’t have to worry about prices, as we provide the best reliable moving and cleaning services at the prices that suit your needs.
  • Customized Services:> What people think about moving services is that we only provide those services added to our checklist, but this statement is not valid in our case. We will also provide you with customized services that you can easily add, but extra charges should be applied for the same.
  • Top-Notch Services: One more thing necessary while hiring any moving company is their services. You can pay higher but will not compromise the quality of services. That’s why we will offer you top-notch services in Norwich and will not compromise the quality of services.
  • Customer Oriented Services: Our movers will offer you customer-oriented services. We will modify our services according to your needs and will also be available at a time that suits your needs. We are standing as one of the best moving companies in Norwich, because of our customers.
  • Feedback Support: What we think about feedback is that it is necessary, especially when you are working as a service-providing company. That’s why we pay extra attention to getting feedback from our customers. Your feedback helps us improve our services and change them according to our customer’s needs.
  • Bring Own Tools & Vehicle: Extra money will spend on the pieces of equipment if you purchase them separately, and it will add up to your moving cost. But while hiring Moving Champs, you will not have to purchase any equipment separately because we will bring all the necessary equipment by ourselves.

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Moving Process Followed By Our “House Movers” In Norwich

A specific process follows a moving service. Each step is taken carefully. Usually, people don’t know the whole process. That’s why here we are going to clarify to you about the whole moving process, which includes:

  • Pre-Move Survey: The moving process starts with a pre-move survey in which a supervisor from our company will visit your house and analyze everything. He will note all the concerns, which will help clear all the move-related doubts. After analyzing everything, our supervisor will make a cost estimate regarding the move. It will bring transparency of information among movers and their customers.
  • Assembling And Packing: After a pre-move survey, assembling and packing products starts next. First, we assemble all the items according to their respective categories and then start packing them accordingly. Categorizing items will help in finding them after the move. You can easily find the item you want to use if you have assembled it with similar items.
  • Loading And Unloading: After packing services, it’s time to load your belongings in the moving truck. Loading is a typical process. We need to be careful while loading your items in the truck as it has a higher risk of getting damaged at that time. We will also provide you with our moving truck for moving your belongings. After moving, we will also help you in unloading your items. We will carefully load and unload your belongings without getting any damage.
  • Unpacking: After the hectic day of the move, you are too tired to unpack your belongings. A hectic day brings tiredness and fatigue. That’s why we will aid you with our unpacking services. We will unpack all your belongings and save you a lot of time. We provide our services to lower your workload and help you as much as possible while moving.
  • Reassembling: After all the things, the one thing left is reassembling of items. Our furniture movers will reassemble all the disassembled parts of your furniture like the sofa, piano, billiard table, etc. Some items will be moved only after disassembling, and that’s why we will have to reassemble them after unpacking. Our movers will know how to assemble and disassemble important furniture.

FAQs | Home Moving Services In Norwich


Are you movers insured?

Moving Champs in Norwich is an insured moving company in Norwich. We will provide you with reliable insurance to prevent any extra loss. We have different insurance to help you move and keep you insured from all sides. We have made our services more reliable and flexible for you so that you don’t face any issues while moving your belongings from one place to another.


Will my items get dirty during the move?

No, our movers will pack your items using high-quality products and carefully after dusting them properly. And our moving trucks are well-maintained and well-furnished to provide your belongings reasonable safety during the move. So your valuable will remain safe and clean during the move.


Do I need to pay a deposit amount before the move?

Yes, you have to pay a certain deposit amount before the move in the form of security because, in most cases, if the customers cancel the move at the end time, we will have to bear the loss. So that’s why we need to have a fixed deposit amount in advance. But after the move, this amount will be deducted from the total estimated cost of your move. So you are just paying some portion of your cost in advance and not any extra cost.


Can I also pack valuables in the boxes?

No, we will recommend you not pack your valuables in the boxes. People are more attached to their valuables than their everyday belongings, and while moving increases the risk of getting damage to them. That’s why we recommend you to pack and move your items on your own throughout the move because if any damage occurs to them, you are not liable to claim any charges.


Do you follow the moving process systematically?

Our movers follow all the steps and provide the most reliable and flexible moving services in Norwich. If you have any query contact us now. Our moving team is 24/7 available to clear your doubt. You can contact us anytime, and we will be there to hear you about your doubt. You can send us your querry on our official email id i.e, , or you can directly call our customer care number: +1-6479322202 for immediate support.


What kinds of estimates do you provide?

Generally, there are two kinds of estimates, and both have different properties, which includes:

Binding Estimate: This is the first type of estimate in which a supervisor from a moving company comes to your place and analyze the moving items and then make an estimate. In binding estimate condition, the moving company is bound to follow up that estimation cost even if the whole move cost more.

Non-Binding Estimate: In this type of estimate, like the other estimate, a supervisor visits your home, and after analyzing the moving items, he will make an estimate, but in this type of estimate, he is not bound to follow up the written cost. Prices may fluctuate according to the situation and services.

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