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The pool table is a heavy, weighted and oversized item. Moving a pool table is not an easy task and should not be done by unskilled people. The pool table is consists of a type of cloth and fabric that can easily get damaged if not moved carefully. Moving is complicated and typical and includes moving delicate and expensive items. And moving a billiard table is a systematic process that includes disassembling and installation.

When a move includes a systematic process, it should be done by professional pool table movers in Gravenhurst. Professional movers handle your delicate and expensive material with the utmost care and safety. When we decide to move to a new place, it brings a lot of work together, and we need to do it quickly. But it would be best if you found reliable and professional movers nearby you to relocate your billiard table to a new place.

Moving Champs is a verified and licenced pool table movers in Gravenhurst that has skilled movers and packers to move the billiard table carefully without damaging the item. Our speciality movers know their work and will complete it carefully and skillfully. Our movers are hardworking and dedicated and keep improving their skills as per the changes in time and services. So if you are moving your pool table to a new place, then hire Moving Champ as your ultimate moving partner throughout the move. We will make your move so uncomplicated and smooth and will delicately handle each part of your pool table without providing it with any damage.

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How Do Our “Expert Gravenhurst Pool Table Movers” Work?

Moving a pool table needs proper planning and some measurements and expert hands to move it safely—everything required to be done in a proper way and manner. And there are different types of pool tables, and each of them will need different planning and tools to move. So we have first to make a proper plan to move the billiard table. So let’s discuss some steps on how our expert movers move the pool table, which includes:

  • Measurement: Measurement is essential while moving a billiard table or an oversized item. First, we measure everything, including stairs, hallways, and doorways. Measurement is needed because the billiard table is heavy and oversized, also the passageways and staircase of our homes are pretty tiny and moving that whole billiard table through them become pretty tricky. So we have to make a proper passway to move the billiard table. This will save you a lot of time, and if the passway is short of moving that billiard table, then our movers will look for another passway to move your billiard table.
  • Gather Essential Tools And Supplies: Tools and supplies are a necessity in moving. The billiard table can not be moved in one piece, it has to be disassembled first, and then it will be moved easily. Gravenhurst pool table movers have all the information about the necessary tools and pieces of equipment to move and disassemble a billiard table smoothly. They will carry all the necessary tools and pieces of equipment along and will save your time as well as money.
  • Disassemble, Pack And Load The Billiard Table: Next, after arranging everything, it's time to start the process of disassembling the pool table. Our pool table movers in Gravenhurst will first disassemble the essential parts of the billiard table and will secure and pack them safely in the boxers to prevent them from any loss. After disassembling, our movers will carefully pack the pool table. After packing, Our Gravenhurst pool table movers will carefully load the pool table parts in the moving truck that our moving company provides you.
  • Unload The Billiard Table: After loading, your billiard table will securely be transported to your new place in our well-furnished moving truck. When your billiard table reaches the destination point, our movers will assist you there and help you unload your billiard table. Unloading is as tricky as loading. And unloading a heavy item needs a team of solid movers who will carefully unload your billiard table.
  • Resembling The Pool Table: In the last, the left thing resembles the billiard table. Billiard table movers in Gravenhurst will step by step resemble your pool and all its parts. Our expert movers are experienced and skilled and know how to reassemble the disassembled parts of the billiard table. Secure a fixed place for the reassembling of the billiard table because once it is placed, it has again become hard for you to move it to a new place.

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Reasons To Hire Our “Billiard Table Movers” In Gravenhurst

Many people think that hiring some professional movers will only cost high and consumes some time, and that’s why most people think of moving their heavy billiard table on their own. But here is where they made a mistake, as you have read already how typical moving a billiard table is. Hiring some professional billiard table movers will benefit you in many ways and you will get the best pool table moving services in Gravenhurst. And professional movers will benefit you with a number of things which includes:

  • Quality Pool Table Moving Services In Gravenhurst: The first benefit you will get by hiring our most reliable moving services is the quality. You will get a quality moving services in Gravenhurst. Moving Champs is reputed as one of the best moving companies in Gravenhurst, and our movers are experts in providing moving services. Our moving company offer our customers the best moving services with their hard work and budget dedication that better suits our customer’s needs.
  • Licenced And Insured Pool Table Movers In Gravenhurst: Getting services from licenced and insured pool movers will also be beneficial. Moving Champs is a licenced pool table moving company. We have the proper and adequate licence to run a moving company in Gravenhurst. We know the importance of licence and insurance, and hence the first thing we did after deciding to run a company applied for the licence. And our movers are also insured to protect our customers from bearing any losses.
  • Skilled And Dedicated Pool Table Movers In Gravenhurst: Our billiard table movers in Gravenhurst are skilled and trained. They have gone through a training program held by our company, especially for our movers, so they get the proper skills to move expensive and delicate items because they are hard to move because of their delicacy and weight. Our movers are dedicated to their work and work hard to make our company and our services the most reliable.
  • Proper Knowledge Of Pool Table Moving Equipments: Knowing the right pieces of equipment is necessary while moving a pool table. That’s why hire our billiard table movers in Gravenhurst and will get the right moving services at your door. And our expert movers have all the knowledge regarding the tools and pieces of equipment used to move a pool table and our movers will bring our tools and pieces of equipment along which will save your cost and time.

FAQs | Pool Table Movers In Gravenhurst


What is the difference between a slate tablet and a non-slate table?

Slate tables and non-slate tables will be differentiated based on quality. Usually, quality tables have a bed that is made from Italian slate. Usually, slate is much more durable than a bed and will last longer than it. On the other hand, non-slate contains a bed made from a compressed board. Non-slate tables are usually made for kids and will not last long.


What is the expected size of a billiard table?

The standard dimensions of a billiard table are 8 ft (Playfield: 44" X 88"). It is the most common size sold out for both homes and private residences. You can also get a billiard table in a different size, but most people purchase an average 8 ft sized billiard table.


Will you move my pool table without disassembling it?

No, a billiard table will not be moved without disassembling. This is because a billiard table is heavy and oversized, and usually, the passageways and staircase of our houses are not so wide to give an open passage for the table. And it is also quite challenging to move a heavy billiard table the way it is. And also, if you try to move your billiard table in one piece, its slate may shift and get cracked during the move. You can send us your querry on our official email id i.e, , or you can directly call our customer care number: +1-6479322202 for immediate support.


What is the average weight of a billiard table?

Usually, the weight of a pool table is determined by its size. But on an average scale, a billiard table may weigh between 650 and 1,000 pounds. Usually, its weight is determined by its size and the number of slates it contains. The more the number of slates, the more it weighs. And an average weight of a slate is said to be 450 pounds.


How much space do you require around a pool table in the room?

A minimum space of 5 feet should be necessary around a pool table in the room. This space is said to be enough to comfortably place and stroke the cue. But an ideal space is stated to be 10 feet to play it comfortably and without any adjustment.


Do you offer affordable pool table moving services?

When people read about our services and the type we provide, they think that these are costly and will go out of their budget. But this is not true because the services we provide are of good quality and within our customer’s budget. Our services are cheap, and anyone can bear our services. We believe in making our services affordable for everyone. Our services are obtainable and affordable for everyone, which increases the family of our happy customers.

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