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A piano is a heavy item to move and we very well know that it is a very delicate and expensive musical instrument that require expert hands to move safely from one place to another. So when you decide to move your piano, it becomes necessary to think carefully about doing it and hiring professional piano moving company like Moving Champs Canada.

Moving a piano includes a high risk of getting damage to that item. That’s why when you decide to move a piano from one place to another, and you should hire our cheap and professional piano movers. Our professional movers will carefully handle the piano move from start to end and ensure the complete safety of your delicate items.

We know how to move a piano carefully without providing any damage and will carefully handle everything during the whole piano move Ajax. Our professional piano movers are experienced, and anyone can afford them easily. So when it comes to moving a delicate instrument like piano, do not hesitate to hire experienced piano movers in Ajax.

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Perks Of Hiring Our “Piano Moving Services” In Ajax

Before hiring any services, people look for the perks they get from it. At Moving Champs Canada, you will get many benefits by hiring cheap piano moving services in Ajax. Some of which includes:

  • Experienced Piano Movers: Moving Champs Canada is an 8 years experienced and professional piano moving company in Ajax. We have gained experience in piano moving services in Ajax through our hard work and dedication. Our piano movers are well-trained and skilled and have gained expertise in the piano moving field.
  • Cheap Piano Moving & Tuning Service: Cost is a significant turnover for any person. That’s why we have made our piano removals services low at cost so that everyone who wants to move their piano can afford these services without even thinking twice. We offer our secure piano shifting in Ajax at affordable prices to everyone without compromising the quality.
  • Ensures Safety Of Piano Move: As you know, the piano is an expensive and delicate musical instrument. So while moving a piano, we pay extra care and attention to it. Our team of expert piano removals in Ajax will assure you of the safety of your delicate items throughout the move. We will carefully handle your piano like an artist handle its art and will not let your piano get damaged throughout the move. We will handle all the moving process ourselves, and you don’t have to do anything.
  • Licensed And Insured Piano Movers: It will always be great to look for some essential documents, including licence and insurance, before hiring piano moving company. In this case, Moving Champs Canada will be great to choose as we are a licenced piano moving company in Ajax. Our company is registered and have the proper licence to run the piano moving services in Ajax. And also, we are insured piano movers to protect our customers from bearing any loss during the moving process.
  • Well-Furnished Moving Trucks: The riskiest part of moving is transportation because we don’t know what will happen when our delicate item is moving. That’s why Moving Champs Canada will provide you with well-furnished moving trucks to ensure the safety of your piano move. We have made all the moving process safe and secured through deep planning and organization of work because we know the value of your expensive item along with the emotions attached to it.
  • Piano Storage Facilities: We have climate-controlled storage rooms because we know that any excessive heat or cold may damage the delicate parts of the piano. So if you are looking for cheap but easily accessible piano storage services, then Moving Champs Canada will be an excellent choice for you. You can quickly get access to your piano and other items whenever you want. Our storage facilities are well-secured and safe for storing expensive items with a tight security system, including surveillance cameras and on duty security guard.

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How Do Our “Piano Movers” In Ajax Work?

When you hire us as your piano moving partner in Ajax, and we will first tell you briefly about the piano moving process that we have mentioned below:

  • Make A Plan: Our expert piano movers in Ajax start the piano's moving process by making a plan. A plan is a necessary and we need to have a proper format of work that how you will do all that work. And also need to have proper supplies of equipment to move the piano from one place to another. With the help of a proper plan, work can be done in a short period of time and in a systematic way.
  • Disassemble And Pack The Piano: The next step in moving a piano includes its disassembling and packing. First, we need to disassemble some small parts of the piano. And then we will pack the piano carefully. We handle all the parts of the piano carefully and with utmost care. Moreover, the packing material used by our piano movers is also of good quality. We bring our packing material along and offer the best piano packing services in Ajax.
  • Loading And Unloading The Piano: The next step in moving the piano include loading it. Loading is a crucial step because the piano is a delicate and heavy item, and it requires pretty strong piano movers to load it carefully in the truck. We took complete care of your delicate item while moving and will ensure you with the safety of your piano. And after transporting it to your designed place, our piano movers in Ajax will also unload your piano carefully and with utmost safety.
  • Unpacking And Reassembling The Piano: After unloading, our piano movers will unpack your piano at your new house or place. We will provide you with all the moving services from start to end. After unpacking, our piano movers will reassemble the disassembled parts of the piano. All our team of piano moving in Ajax know how to reassemble the piano parts and can handle your expensive instrument with delicacy.
  • Feedback Support: At last, the one thing that is important for any service-providing company is our customers' feedback. We ask our clients for their truthful feedback and then improvise our piano moving services in Ajax accordingly. Our customer’s feedback is necessary for our company’s growth. That’s why we pay great attentiveness to it.

FAQs On Piano Moving In Ajax


Do you also move other furniture while moving a piano?

Yes, we do move other furniture along with the piano. Moving Champs Canada is a reputed moving company in Ajax and we move all types of residential or commercial items from one place to another. Our piano movers are experts in moving all types of pianos as well as other belongings. You can book us anytime to move your piano or any other furniture move in Ajax at the best possible price.


What size of truck will you use to move my piano?

It depends upon the size of your piano, and we will provide you with an appropriately sized moving truck. We have different sized moving trucks in our company, and after analyzing the appropriate size and type of your piano, we will provide you with the same moving truck accordingly.


Do you use day laborers for the piano moves?

No, we do not use day labours as piano movers in Ajax. We have our team of professional piano movers and packers who are well-trained, skilled and experienced. Our team have full knowledge of how to move a piano from one place to another.


Do You provide the reliable insurance?

Yes, we do provide you with reliable insurance according to the move. Anything can happen in between the move. That’s why we provide our customers reliable damage insurance to ensure the safety of their item along with their budget. You don’t have to bear any extra loss that occurred in between the move through the insurance.


Do you also move piano cross city or cross state?

Yes, we do move the piano cross city and state. We will move your piano to another state or city, but the charges may vary according to the distance and time of the move. And also, the risk factor of moving the piano to a cross city or state is relatively higher than local piano move.


Do you provide virtual estimate on call?

No, Moving Champs Canada do not provide our customers with a virtual moving estimate because we can not define the move and the cost incurred to move without looking and analyzing everything in detail from start to end. So, it is better to book a pre-move survey, and for this you can send us your query on our official email id or you can directly call our customer care number +1-6479322202 for immediate support.

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