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Changes bring effectiveness to work. And shifting office to a new place is also included under a change. Many circumstances led us to change our working place. And it brings happiness and a positive change in our working environment as new place, new environment and new people with new energy.

But this change will also come up with stress and fatigue. As moving office to a new place is not an easy task to do. It needs proper planning and organisation of work to make it happen smoothly and without any hassle. But while working in an office, you didn’t get enough time to do so. And if you plan to organize your move all on your own, you have to shut your business for at least a day or two days to do so. Hence, in this condition, hiring professional office movers is an intelligent decision.

Office moving is a time-consuming process as it takes a lot of time. And one needs to have proper knowledge of each step to perform the office moving process. So, hire Moving Champs Canada and our professional office/commerical movers in Ajax will make your office relocation quick and hassle-free. We are a reliable and trusted corporate moving company in Ajax offering the best office moving services at economical rates.

Our office movers in Ajax are reliable and hardworking and know their work and make every move smooth. So, you don’t have to take hold of a day off from your work to move your office, and we will make your move easy and hassle-free even at the weekend so that it will not affect your daily working in the office.

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Reasons To Hire Our “Commercial Movers” In Ajax

When we avail of any moving service, especially commerical moving services the first thing we look for is their benefits. That is what benefits will we get by hiring them. What kind of office movers are they? And is it reasonable to hire professional commercial movers in Ajax, or will we move our office on our own?

Moving Champs Canada will be answering all your questions here and will tell you why you would choose our professional office/commercial movers in Ajax to move your office to a new place rather than taking this hectic work into your own hands. So benefits of hiring our professional office movers in Ajax include:

  • Skilled Commercial Movers: Our commercial movers in Ajax are skilled in moving office furniture and items from one place to another. They have been working for the past 8+ years in this field and have gained experience. All commercial movers are trained and have gained moving and packing skills and then joined as real commercial/corporate movers in Ajax. While hiring us, you will get experience and professional commercial movers' skills.
  • In-Budget Office Commercial Moves: Cost affects one’s decision to an extent. While office moving, the main thing that changes our decision is the cost of moving. That’s why we provide our customers with many quality offices and commercial moving services in Ajax at a price that suits your budget. We have made our services affordable in terms of price so that every person can avail of them.
  • Personalized Office Moving Services Available: Some people think that office moving services are some specified moving services in which they will only get those services mentioned in that checklist. But when you choose Moving Champs as your office moving company, you will get some personalized services in which you can add or deduct any services that suit your needs. But it would be best if you kept in mind that extra charges may apply for the same.
  • No Interruption During Move: While getting your office moved, you don’t have to close your office working for a long time. We will work efficiently and effectively, and on time to complete the office relocation as soon as possible. We will also move your office items on weekends to avoid further off working days. Our commercial movers in Ajax are also punctual and do their work smoothly.
  • Trained Supervisor Throughout The Move: Office moving is quite tricky compared to other moving services because it contains expensive and delicate working electronics such as PCs, laptops, motherboards, etc. That’s why we will offer you with a trained supervisor to supervise your entire move and will ensure the safety of your delicate electronic appliances. Our supervisor will take care of everything throughout the office move.
  • Weather Controlled Storage Services: Sometimes there is a need for storage services, and some customers demand to store their items. That’s why Moving Champs Canada aids their customers with weather controlled storage services in Ajax. So that you will easily store your belongings here for whatever time you want without searching for them for days, we will be continuously changing and advancing our services to provide our customers with all they need throughout the move.

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How Do Our “Office Moving Company” In Ajax Works?

Office and commercial moving in Ajax can never be an easy task to do. And different places have different materials and so workplace. But still, in every move, there are some everyday things. And based on those common things, we have made a complete procedure to make your client office move more efficient and safe. This includes:

  • Pre-Move Survey
    Our office moving process starts with a pre-move survey in which one of our supervisors will visit your workplace to count and analyze the number of items to be moved along with the other essential things. And then, after analyzing each and everything, we will give you the moving estimate based on that survey.
  • Packaging Of Office Belongings
    After a pre-move survey, when you finally hire us as your office moving company for your commercial move in Ajax, we will first pack all your office items carefully using high-quality packing material such as bubble wraps and cardboard boxes. We will ensure the complete safety of your office material.
  • Loading Of Packed Goods
    And after packing, it’s time to load your items in the moving truck. Loading is a crucial part of moving. It takes strong human resources and proper care to load your items in the truck. Our commercial movers in Ajax will carefully load your items in the truck.
  • Unloading After Transportation
    After the transportation of items to the new place, our movers will unload your items from the truck carefully and securely in the supervisor's vision. Because we consider unloading as a difficult task. After unloading, we will also unpack your items and save you a lot of time.
  • Unpacking Of Office Belongings
    We know that while working in the office, people will get less time for them that’s why while moving we will set you free and do all the moving work by ourselves. Commercial movers in Ajax will aid you with a number of the beneficiary and helpful moving services.
  • Reassembling Of The Office Items & Equipment
    Our office moving company in Ajax also help you in arranging the items in your new office. Arrangement of things also consumes some time and energy; that's why our professional commercial movers will also give you our helping hand and arrange your items nicely at your new office.

FAQs On Office Movers In Ajax


Do you disconnect and reconnect our computer system after office relocation?

Yes, Moving Champs Canada have a team of trained corporate movers in Ajax who will properly disconnect your computer systems and pack them accordingly with their remaining parts in the boxes. Then, carefully handle all your delicate electronic appliances. After transporting them to your new place, our office movers will unpack them and then rearrange them at the new place, and after doing so with all the appliances, we will also reconnect your computers and make your new office ready to work.


Do you have supervisors for the corporate moves in Ajax?

Yes, of course. We will issue you with a reliable and experienced supervisor for your corporate/commerical move to Ajax. Our trained supervisors will properly supervise each and every part of the move. We will ensure you with quality office and commercial moving services in Ajax. We will take care of everything that our customers are indeed taken care of throughout the move till the end.


Can you safeguard our valuable data and information before the office move?

Yes, of course, our professional office movers in Ajax will ensure you the safety of your data and information before and during the office relocation. We know how important a company’s data is for it. That’s why we will ensure you with the complete safety of your personal information and data throughout the move. Our best packing strategy will ensure the complete safety of your IT equipment during the move. Call on +1-6479322202 for more information.


Do you provide us with damage insurance?

Yes, we do provide you with reliable commercial moving insurance along with the moving services in Ajax. We are confident about our commercial movers in Ajax and their moving work, but time is uncertain. And anything can happen during the move that will go beyond our reach. So to save you from bearing any unnatural losses, we will provide you with reliable insurance so that you will not have to worry about anything during the move. Taking safety precautions is right thing to do. To know more, you can send us your querry on our official email id or you can directly call our customer care number: +1-6479322202 for immediate support.


How do you protect our office appliances during the move?

Our office movers in Ajax will provide you with well-equipped moving trucks and also pack your material in cardboard boxes wrapped in bubble wraps to ensure double safety during the move. We fill the gap with paper so that the material will keep stable in the boxes throughout the move. We also place the boxes according to their respective categories so that every item remains safe during the move.


Do you consider getting feedback from us?

Yes, According to Moving Champs, feedback is necessary for any service-providing company as they will only get to know about their flows and cons after getting honest feedback from their customers. That’s why we highly focus on getting honest feedback from our customers. And we change our services after considering your feedback and keep on improvising them.

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