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Professional Cleaning Services Ajax

Cleaning your workplace or home is a necessary thing to do. Cleanliness and hygiene is a necessity in a human’s life. Our home and workplace need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly once a month. But in this busy schedule, no one has time to do so. We only have the weekend as our day off, and that should not be wasted on cleaning home and office. So to take the hassle off from the mind of customers, Moving Champs is offering professional cleaning services in Ajax, Ontario.

Cleaning all the rooms and deprived areas takes a lot of time and energy. Many people prefer cleaning home on their own. But some think of an alternative to doing so. Both are right about their choices according to their needs and budget. So for those looking for another option to clean their house and offices, hiring Moving Champs for house cleaning in Canada will be a great choice.

Moving Champs is a reliable and one of the best moving and cleaning companies in Ajax. That’s why hiring our cleaning services in Ajax is the right thing to do. All you are obliged to do is contact the Moving Champs Canada and hire a suitable cleaning service package, and we will do the rest. Cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea. So leave this hectic work to our cleaning professionals and utilize your remaining time in your other important work.

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Cheap “House Cleaning Services” In Ajax

Moving Champs Canada have professional house and commercial cleaners who are trained to offer you the most reliable cleaning services and will aid you with both house cleaning and maid services in Ajax. Either you want to clean your home once a month or regularly, we have a one-stop solution for both.

Our team of house cleaning in Ajax will clean your home according to your specified needs daily or once a month, whatever suits your preference and budget. Here are a few cleaning services that you will get while hiring the our house cleaning services in Ajax, which includes:

  • Carpet Cleaning Services: Our professional house cleaners will provide you with the most reliable and foremost carpet cleaning services in Ajax at the cheapest price.
  • Spring Cleaning Services: Our spring cleaning service in Ajax includes services like dusting of ceiling fans and light fixtures, cleaning of window sills and window tracks.
  • Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning Services: We will also provide you with profound and vacuum sofa cleaning services at your home. Sofa cleaning includes deep cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Ajax.
  • Floor Cleaning Services: Floor cleaning at your home includes both water and vacuum cleaning, along with sanitization and cleaning to remove germs from the floor.

Professional “Commercial Cleaning Services” In Ajax

Cleaning your workspace is as important as cleaning your home. A clean office brings good health and promote a positive work environment, which adds to your working value. So to get the same, hire Moving Champs full office/commercial cleaning services in Ajax. Here are a few office cleaning services that you will get while hiring our professional commercial cleaners in Ajax, which includes:

  • Deep Cleaning Services: Professional commercial cleaners in Ajax will provide you with a deep cleaning of your working area and belongings to avoid any risk of having germs while working in the office. Our deep commercial cleaning service includes cleaning and sanitization of workstation, toilet cleaning, mess cleaning, parking area cleaning, floor cleaning, etc. Business owners can also customize our commerical cleaning services in Ajax as per their requirements and cost.
  • Post-construction Cleaning Services: You will also get post construction cleaning services after hiring a expert commerical cleaning services in Ajax. Our commercial cleaners will clean your area after the construction.

If your working area is not clean or if your working area has daily visitors, cleaning it up every day is necessary, otherwise it will directly affect the health and productivity of your employees. So, don't think anymore to hire commercial professional cleaning services from Moving Champs Canada and avoid any extra stress or workload in your preferred budget.

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Why Choose Our “Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning Services” In Ajax?

When you search for cleaning services, you will get many cleaning companies near you. But will all of them be good to choose? Who knows? That’s why we are here with some beneficiary point to choose us as your professional house cleaning company in Ajax over others.

Here are some points why you should opt for our professional cleaning services, which include:

  • Experienced Cleaners: Our cleaners are professionals in cleaning houses and offices. They have been working as proficient cleaners in Ajax, for the past 8+ years and have gained experience in such a field with their hard work.
  • Reliable Cost: People look for the best cleaning services nearby them but are also concerned about the prices of their services. But if you hire our professional cleaners in Ajax, you don’t have to worry about the cost because we will render you quality cleaning services at the price that best suits your needs.
  • Bring Safe Cleaning Products: For cleaning a house or office, you have to bring all the cleaning material by yourself and spend a lot of money on that. But if you hire Moving Champs as your house cleaning partner, you will not have to spend extra money on purchasing those items because our movers will bring all the necessary cleaning products with them.
  • Insured Cleaning Services: The first thing we look for while hiring any moving or cleaning services is whether or not that service is insured. And the answer is yes, our professional cleaners are insured and will aid you with the claim if the damage is happen to be the fault of our team member.
  • Licensed Cleaning Staff: Moving Champs Canada is a registered and licenced moving and cleaning company in Ajax. You are free to hire our services as we are licenced and offer safe cleaning services in Ajax.
  • Move-in/Move-out Cleaning Services: When one plan to relocate house or office to a new place, we need to clean our old and new house or office. So our professional cleaners will help you this time and lower your moving stress. We will provide you with reliable cleaning services in your home and office at a price that suits your needs.
  • Gutter Cleaning Services: Blocked gutter can cause you a hell of a lot of problems, including severe damp problems and mould growth, which can cause a severe maintenance issue. Whether you have your own house or working premises, we will provide you with reliable gutter cleaning services at a low cost.
  • Power/Pressure Washing: Our cleaning services also include power and pressure washing of items. In this, we use pressure to wash your items with water for a better cleaning experience.
  • Window Cleaning Services: Our cleaning Service includes window cleaning in both house and office. Windows are the dirtiest part of a room. That’s why cleaning them seems necessary.

Safety Measures We Take While Providing “Cleaning Services” In Ajax

We need to take some provisions during the house and office cleaning. Your goods and our safety is in our hands. So, our office and house cleaning Ajax team will be very careful while providing cleaning services at your place.

Here are some significant precautions we take while cleaning your house and office are:

  • Our cleaning team use gloves and wear masks while cleaning.
  • All our cleaners are insured and work properly.
  • Our manager do an organized screening of our employees, time to time.
  • Our professional cleaners follow the social distancing rule while cleaning your area.
  • Moving Champs cleaning staff sanitized your floor and working area well on a daily basis.
  • Our company uses the latest equipment and eco-friendly cleaning supplies for work.
  • Depending on your work and area of cleaning, we provide you with the required number of cleaners in Ajax.
  • We use disinfectants material to clean your place and prevent germs without harming the look of your goods.

FAQs On Cleaning Services In Ajax


Do I have to be present while your cleaners are working?

No, you do not have to be at the cleaning area while cleaning. We provide you with trusted and flexible cleaning services that suits your time and needs. You can hire our cleaners in Ajax whenever suits your needs and time; we will end our cleaning work at the scheduled time.


How often do you clean our home/office space?

It depends on how often do you want to clean your space. When it comes to house cleaning, we will provide you with a maid to clean your house, and you will decide whether you want to hire her for regular or weekly cleaning or according to your needs. And, when it comes to commercial cleaning, it depends upon the working and size of your office. If your office has daily visitors, then you should hire cleaning services on a daily basis, and if not, then twice or thrice a week will be enough. Contact our support team for more information related our cleaning packages and schedule.


Do you also offer home cleaning services for special events and parties?

Yes, we know that your space needs more specific cleaning before or after special events like get-togethers or birthday parties. But it is a challenging task for an individual to perform. That’s why we also provide party cleaning services in Ajax for special event. We will thoroughly clean your space using the right products. But you have to make sure to book us in advance to have this kind of cleaning service to prepare in advance to accommodate you.


What parts of our home or office do you deep clean?

Vacuuming of curtains and window blinds, wipe down of baseboards and shoe moulding and a dusting of corners for cobwebs, disinfecting door knobs, cabinet handles and light switches. It also includes a deep carpet cleaning at your place. For more information, call on +1-6479322202.


Do you charge for the estimates your provide?

No, we do not charge for estimates. If you have any queries, you can call us for an appointment or ask us over call. We will fix an appointment with you. One of our cleaning supervisors will come to your place to supervise it and perform a free assessment. After taking a look we will make a checklist including all the cleaning services that suit your space and needs. We will inform you about the estimate within 24 hours of supervising your space. You can also add or get customized services, but extra charges will apply for the same. You can send us your querry on our official email id or you can directly call our customer care number +1-6479322202 for immediate support.


Do I have to sign a long term cleaning contract with you?

No, you don’t have to sign any long term or short term cleaning service contract with us. You can hire any of our cleaning services at the preferred time. We will provide you with a team of experienced trusted cleaners who will come to your place with all the required cleaning equipment and products. We only provide you with a written document stating the services you opt for and their respective cost. You can also alter your cleaning services at whatever time you want. Moving Champs Canada can make our services more reliable and flexible for you so that you can easily opt for our services.

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