While moving can be stressful enough on its own. When juggling many things at once, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. The fewer moving mistakes you make, the more enjoyable the entire process will be.

Cooking and driving a car are just a few examples of things that are better learned the hard way. But one of those things is not knowing how to move.

The more you know about what you should and shouldn’t do before making your next move, the better your decision. So, keep reading our blog to find about what the eight most common moving mistakes are and how to avoid them:

Not Conducting Adequate Research On A Moving Company

Many moving companies are to opt from, but not all of them are designed equal. To find the best professional movers for the job, get referrals, read reviews, and call a few different companies for information and estimates.

If you select the first name that appears on the search engine results page, you are putting both your belongings and your peace of mind at risk.

You’re also doing your wallet no favours because the only way to know if you’re getting a good deal is to compare prices. Do your homework.

The goal is, to begin with, a verified list of reputable moving companies so that you can work from a foundation of professionals you know you can rely on. You can select the company that is best suited to your needs and budget.


Not Labelling Your Boxes

No, making this mistake will not result in a disaster but in lost time, frustration, headaches, and other issues. Each box you pack should be labelled.

This provides valuable information and will assist you in streamlining the unloading and unpacking processes at your new home. What should you call them? There are a few options here.

One option is to label the box with the room where the contents will be stored – dining room, kitchen, playroom, etc. That’s great if everything in your box goes into the same room.

However, this isn’t always the case, and you’ll have boxes with mixed contents. Think about listing the box’s contents or even including a breakdown of the things on your moving inventory/packing list for these.


You Don’t Get The Right Insurance

Regulations require interstate movers to provide their clients with both released-value and full-value protection. Separate liability insurance, which some movers offer and is governed by state law, is another option, as is additional moving insurance from a third-party company.

While the likelihood of having to use your insurance is low (assuming you’re working with a reputable moving company), it’s up to you to decide how much risk you’re willing to take.

If you fail to do so, you may find little to no recourse if something goes wrong. Instead, when selecting a moving company, inquire about the various types of coverage options available to you.

Once you have all of the figures and facts, you can decide what level of coverage is best for you and whether you need more than what is offered.


You DIY Your Move When You Need More Help

Professional movers are not always affordable, but they are almost always worthwhile. Even if you have friends to help, moving will take more time and effort than hiring professionals.

It will be far more dangerous if you have high-value items. While there are many situations in which moving yourself is perfectly acceptable, it is a mistake to dismiss hiring a moving company simply because you want to save money or believe it will be a simple task (it rarely is).

Instead, be honest with yourself about what your move will entail and how much effort you’re willing and able to put in. A DIY move may be a good option if you don’t have a lot of items that need to come with you.

However, if you have a truckload of heavy belongings, do yourself—and your friends—a favour and hire the pros.


Packing Garbage That Should Have Been Removed 

Another common blunder is packing everything on your own. Consider moving to reduce your possessions – an opportunity to get rid of hand-me-downs, outgrown clothing for your children, and even that elliptical machine you wanted but is now gathering dust in the garage.

Remember that the more you can get rid of by selling, donating, or giving away, the less you will have to move and the lower your overall moving costs.


Not Carrying Any Valuables With You

Your first instinct regarding the move will most likely be to pack every item in boxes so that the movers can load it all onto the truck and deliver it to your new house.

That’s fine for everyday clothing and Tupperware, but what about your family heirloom jewellery? How about your grandfather’s gold watch or great Aunt Bessie’s brooch? They can, of course, be packed and moved, but should they?

No, not at all. Why would you want to keep them with you? Ideally, it would be best if you keep your valuables on you. Of course, this only applies to small, lightweight items that can be easily transported while remaining hidden. It is, in fact, the safest place.



To summarise, moving can be both exciting and stressful. As a result, many how-to lists have been created to assist you in understanding exactly what you need to do to relocate successfully.

However, a few of those lists include the things you should not do – the mistakes that could derail your move and result in additional costs or damage your belongings.

We believe it’s past time to address the elephant in the room, and we’ll go over six mistakes to avoid when relocating across the country so you know precisely what to avoid.

Moving should be a breeze to prevent these six blunders provided by the leading moving company, Moving Champs. You can also contact us anytime to clear any of your doubt.

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Some Major Moving Mistakes To Be Avoided While Moving
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Some Major Moving Mistakes To Be Avoided While Moving
We all know that moving is a hectic process and increases the chances of mistake. So here are some moving mistakes to avoid while moving.
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