Moving is like adding a new chapter to the Book of Life. If done positively, it can bring a lot of growth in your life. But, no matter how much we praise the advantages of moving, it is still challenging, and you cannot deny this.

Managing everything without proper knowledge when moving across the country is pretty challenging. However, you cannot take such a considerable risk of having any stress or failure of the move.
Moving to the same city is a bit easy because in that case, we only have to move everything from one house to the other in fewer hours. So here we have a moving checklist for you.

But what about when you are planning to move across the country?

This task needs better planning and good execution on a moving day. Otherwise, you will go through the extra stress of doing everything again and again if you forget anything back at your old home. Therefore, we provide affordable house moving services for our precious clients.

Nobody wants to do that extra hard work for nothing. So, it is better to understand the basics and precise details of moving.

It is generally a cross-country moving guide for you. You can take help from this and make your plan according to these.

So, here you go.

Ultimate Cross Country Moving Checklist

Two Months Before The Move

It is two months before the move, and it is enough time zone for you to plan everything sorted. You can take risks and make some changes because you have time. You can be experimental this time, but there are some essential steps that you need to keep in Check all these two months before your final moving day.

Understand! Every day in these two months is to make at least a little progress from the last day. This will make a difference in your preparations. Also, keeping everything in control will be easier for you to stay stress-free in the new home.

1. Make A List Of Everything You Have

Yes! This habit will always make you grow in life because you will always be organized enough. This is the first step in the preparation days for moving. First, make a list of all your belongings.

Include all their details, like the condition, and make two sections, one for the valuable items and another for the ones that are least essential or may be useless for you now.

This will help you organize the stuff, and you will always have an idea of all your belongings. Take a walk in your home and carefully look at each belonging. Then, add them to your moving checklist.

2. Keep Or Throw

When you have finished making a list, it is time to decide. Make your mind about what to keep and what not. The decision is related to which one you want to keep and which is not valuable, so it is better to get rid of it now. You can also donate and sell if the item is good enough to use again.

If the things are not working properly and there is no chance even to repair them, then there is no better option than throwing them away in the garbage. With this activity, you will not have to take loads of extra useless items in your new home.

3. Make Sure You Know How You Want To Go

Arranging a vehicle at the last moment will be a wrong decision, so it is better to set it up months before the moving day. Instead, consider how you want to go to the new place, like driving or flying to that new location. After deciding on one means of transport, you can now look for shipping a car or booking tickets for flying.

If you are planning to drive to the new address, it is best to service the car at least four to six weeks before the moving day because you will be busier with other work in the last few days.

4. Search For A Good Moving Company

Now, this will be a big thing for your move. Moving is a significant step, and you cannot take a load of everything alone, especially when you have to move across the country. There is a lot left to be done by you like you must be taking leave from work and looking after everything at home. This is very tiring, and you will be more difficult as an inexperienced person.

So, you must hire a professional moving company to handle everything for a cross-country move. A reputable moving company offers comprehensive removal services for relocating from one place to another.

So, it is essential to search for an excellent moving company. You can research it and list the number of moving companies working actively in your area.

Contact them to inquire about their details and inquire further about the quality of service they provide. Request moving quotes from 3-4 moving companies to compare and choose the one that best suits your needs.

5. Plan Your Expenditures

People usually do not think about this at the start, and then later, it becomes challenging for them to make things work according to their expenses. Moving is not cheap, and there is always a chance of spending some additional amount on different things. You need to save yourself from this, so it is best to make a budget first.

Take an approximate amount for the whole task of moving. The important thing is not to exceed the budget at any cost. There will be a lot of other expenditures like the trucks, hotel fees, shipping prices, and packaging expenses.

One Month Before The Moving Day

Now! You have already completed the planning and booking tasks for the move, and it is time to start the self-preparatory steps quickly. This will make or break the moving day.

  • Do the paperwork: As you leave the old place, completing all the necessary documentation is essential. Register to change the address in the critical documents and files. Check all the insurance policies that either cover the moving processes or not. Also, if you are considering renting a house in a new place, do it now. Search for a rented house and get in touch with the owners, and do not forget to tell them about the date you will move in.
  • Get good packing material: Packaging is an essential part of moving. Packaging keeps your items safe and secure during transportation. However, if you do not perform it properly, it can destroy the whole move. Therefore, before proceeding, you must search for good packaging material for at least a month. These items include big or small cardboard boxes, wraps, and tape. You can get packaging supplies from any marketplace.
  • Discontinue the services: Yes! As of now, you are leaving this place forever. So, you need to discontinue all the active services now. Call the service providers and inactivate all the utilities of your current house. If you have already paid for the last month, request a refund and leave before that.
    These services are Electricity, Gas connection, Broadband connection, Cable TV connection, and water supplies.

One Week Before The Move

This is the most crucial time of the move. In this last week, you must buck up your belts and dedicate yourself to the preparations.

1. Complete Packaging

Properly pack all your belongings. Do not overpack any item because, in the end, it will increase the burden during the loading and unloading of goods. Instead, you can keep small things in the vacant sections of the big furniture to save space. This is how you can make much space for the other essentials. This is a clever trick of packaging inventories.

Do not forget to pack all the minor requirements for different house parts, like the one you have kept in the bathroom or the kitchen. Make a separate box for each room and label them accordingly. This will save you time to find any of them in the new residence.

Now, you can also do one thing, pack the electronics in their original boxes to save them from any further damage. Also, make sure you paste tape on the corners of the furniture to avoid any cuts during transportation.

2. Final Check With The Removalists

This is the last Check for all your hard work so far. Please get in touch with the moving company and ask them to come to your place for the final Check. Confirm all of the details with them about the moving day. Also, confirm the moving day schedule and logistics with them. Make sure you ask them about the mode of payment of the whole process according to the services they give you.

3. Stay Tension Free

At last, no matter how much you have tried, it is all in the hands of the Almighty. So, do not worry at all about anything because you have done everything well so far. Now, sit back, relax, and embrace this new experience of moving to a new place.


Moving is a transformative experience, but it comes with challenges. A cross-country move requires careful planning and execution. Follow a comprehensive moving checklist, hire a reliable company, and budget wisely. Stay organized, pack strategically, and confirm details with the movers. Embrace the journey, knowing you’ve done everything possible for a smooth transition.

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