Are you preparing to relocate?

You might be so preoccupied with moving to-dos that you overlook the crucial moving don’ts. After all, it’s all too easy to become engrossed while moving madly.

Fortunately, we’re here to assist you.

The following are seven common moving mistakes that occur during the moving process. We’ve given you simple strategies and ideas for avoiding these relocation blunders the next time you move.

Best wishes and happy relocation!

Common Moving Blunders To Avoid

Ineffective Organization

Moving to a new place contains a lot of loose ends, and even the most minor mistake can lead to a disastrous move.

  • Packing mayhem: You realize you’ve packed more items than you agreed with the movers, and some of them can’t be loaded onto the moving truck. Maybe you don’t label the boxes correctly. Worse, you might not be ready when the movers arrive. All of these packing errors cost time and money.
  • Problems with furniture: If your large furniture does not fit through the doors, you may have to leave priceless pieces behind or request hoisting services, which will cost you a fortune and cause your move to be delayed.
  • Paperwork issues: If you don’t transfer the utilities, you won’t have power, gas, or water on move-in day. If you forget to change your address, your mail will not be delivered to your new address. You will be fined if you fail to update your driver’s license and car registration on time. You will almost certainly get into trouble if you do not take proper care of your documents.
  • Overspending: If you book or hire your movers at the last minute, require too many extra services, fail to create a realistic house and office moving budget, or pack all of your belongings without first sorting them out, you will pay much more than you expected.
  • Concerns about safety. On moving day, make every effort to avoid injuries and accidents, as getting hurt is one of the worst things during your relocation.¬†

The best way to prevent problems while moving is to meticulously plan each stage of your relocation adventure and stay one step ahead at all times.

Causing Furniture Damage

Unfortunately, one of the most common moving mistakes is damaging furniture. Sofas, chairs, desks, and other heavy furnishings are easily scratched or banged up during the moving process.

Even professional movers have been known to cause furniture damage on moving days. You’re bound to drop or hit something on the way to your new home if you have to lift, move, and transport heavy furnishings.

Fortunately, you can do a few things to keep your furniture from getting damaged on moving day. To begin, disassemble as much as possible prior to the move. Second, appropriately prepare and pack furniture.

Individual items and furniture corners should be protected with moving blankets and plastic wrap. Third, use moving tools and equipment such as dollies, loading ramps, and tie-downs when moving furniture.

Getting Sucked Into A Moving Scam

Being scammed by rogue movers is possibly the worst moving mishap. This “mishap” is a blunder you do not want to make. Moving scams frequently involve the use of unlicensed movers to transport belongings.

These movers may hold your belongings hostage, steal your valuables, or break them. Fortunately, avoiding moving scams is relatively simple.

First, make sure that a mover is appropriately licensed and insured before hiring them. Examine customer reviews and the Better Business Bureau’s complaint history. Also, when assessing a mover’s professionalism, use common sense.

Forgetting To Pack Essentials For The Moving Day

It’s easy to lose sight of the most necessities in the midst of moving chaos. As a result, plan your moving day essentials bag at least a week ahead of time. This bag should be kept toiletries, medications, important documents, wallet, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, phone chargers, a tool kit, extra clothes, and other items.

Many people who are moving forget that they may not have a bed on the move day. If you’re moving a long distance and waiting for movers to arrive (or, worse, if your movers are late!), you’ll need to make sleeping arrangements. Because your new home is unlikely to have a bed, bring an air mattress in your carry-on or plan to stay in a hotel until your household items arrive.

Problems With Traffic

Heavy traffic or road accidents can also make your relocation a nightmare.

  • Congestion: The moving truck has been delayed, and you may not have enough time to complete your move as planned. You may have to reschedule the relocation or miss your flight.
  • Accidents on the road: If there has been a road accident, the moving truck will have to wait until the damaged vehicles have been removed and regular traffic has been restored. However, if the moving truck crashes, catches fire, or becomes trapped somewhere due to inclement weather, you could lose all of your belongings or severely damage them. It is even possible that thieves will break into the vehicle and steal your belongings.
  • Breakdown. If the moving truck breaks down on the road, you will have to wait for the moving company to send a replacement vehicle. Furthermore, your items may be damaged during the transfer.
  • There are parking issues. The moving truck must circle the neighborhood for hours until a suitable parking space becomes available, or the movers must park far from your home’s entrance. In such cases, you will lose valuable time and be charged an additional fee for the delay or an additional long-carry fee.

Of course, there is nothing you can do to avoid traffic accidents or mechanical breakdowns. However, you can at least reserve a parking space directly in front of your old and new homes and select a moving company with experienced drivers and a large fleet of well-maintained moving vehicles.

Another common moving blunder is underestimating the time and effort required for a do-it-yourself move.


To conclude, We suggest that you follow the tips given above to remedy your problems. We recommend hiring professional movers like Moving Champs to complete the task to avoid making this error. It makes it simple to find and book the best moving company for your specific type of move. All of the relocation companies in our network are licensed and insured, so you can relax knowing that your move is in good hands.

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