Moving boxes and packing tape are only the iceberg tips when it comes to moving supplies. There are many things you’ll need when packing for a move and on moving day, and not all of them are immediately visible. here you can get the best packing supplies for moving.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a complete list of all the moving materials and moving equipment you will need for your next move—some of which are required and others that are nice to have.


1. Supplies For Packing


  1. Purchase or rent cardboard or plastic quality moving boxes to store all your belongings.
  2. Consider that you’ll need several sizes, including small, medium, big, extra-large, and wardrobe boxes if you’re using cardboard.
  3. If you’re renting plastic containers for packing, provide your rental firm with as detailed an inventory as possible so they can ensure you get plenty.

Tape for packing: Purchase enough high-quality packing tape. You’ll need it to create boxes and seal them after they’re complete, so forgo the dollar store packing tape and spend a little more on tape explicitly made for this purpose.

Packing paper: Packing paper will come in handy for wrapping fragile and sharp products and providing extra padding and stability in boxes. Because ink can bleed onto your goods, only buy ink-free packing paper.

Wrap everything in plastic wrap: You don’t need to purchase a moving-specific plastic wrap, but you should have at least one roll of full plastic wrap on hand to wrap around various goods.

It’s beneficial for minimizing bottle leaks and keeping like items together (wrap up that stack of plates, so they don’t want all shift around) (take the caps off of bottles with liquids in them, apply a layer of plastic wrap, and screw the lid back on).

Cushioning using bubbles: This protects extra-fragile materials such as glass, ceramics, and porcelain. It can also offer some much-needed padding to things once they’ve been placed inside boxes.

Baggies made of plastic: Small plastic sandwich bags are ideal for storing small objects that would otherwise be misplaced. Use them to retain screws that you remove when disassembling your furniture and any other small items that are easy to lose throughout your home. Make sure each bag of parts is labeled, so you know where the pieces belong.

Set of tools: Assuming you’re going to disassemble furniture, you’ll need to get the essential tools you’ll need (if you don’t already have them). All you will need is a screwdriver and a wrench with various heads. Also, keep your tools handy if you need them on moving day.

Markers and labels: When it comes to marking supplies, you have two options: write directly on the boxes with a permanent marker or use labels with a marker (the latter is recommended if you’re using plastic bins). You can also use color-coded stickers to determine which room a box should be placed in quickly.


2. Moving Day Supplies

Truck is rented: You will almost certainly need to rent a truck if you aren’t hiring movers. Select the appropriate moving truck size and obtain quotations from a few different rental providers to ensure you get the best deal.

Dollies: Appliance dollies, furniture, and utility dollies are three different dollies that can make your move a lot easier (sometimes called hand trucks). They’re perfect for transporting heavy boxes and bulky furniture from the house to the truck and back.

Moving blankets/furniture pads: These will protect your belongings while traveling to your new home. Before you rent or buy anything, think about what objects will benefit from the extra cushioning so you can acquire the correct quantity.

Straps: Lifting straps, which distribute weight more evenly and allow you to carry unruly things like bulky furniture and appliances, are a good investment for DIY movers.

Straps for cargo. Cargo straps, often known as safety straps, keep objects in the truck from shifting around.

Trailers: Is a moving truck insufficient? Get a trailer so you can safely tow your stuff behind your automobile.

Ramp: Most rental trucks include ramps, but this isn’t always the case when borrowing a friend’s truck or driving your own. A ramp is an excellent item to have since pushing something heavy up and down a surface is much safer than lifting it. 


3. Cleaning Supplies 

Bags for garbage: As you move, have plenty of waste bags on hand. They can be used to dispose of rubbish or to pack last-minute supplies. (For example, they’re fantastic for safeguarding pillows.) Plus, any leftovers will not be thrown away. Your waste bags will work in your new location.

Buckets: When it comes to serious cleaning, a bucket comes in handy. You can clean with inexpensive five-gallon buckets found at most hardware stores. Make sure you buy a bucket with a lid so you can pack goods inside after cleaning.

Broom: If you already have a broom, keep it with you on your move. You’ll want it to clean both your old and new place. It’s also a good idea to use it to clean out your rental truck after you’ve returned it.

Gloves: What could be more complicated than transporting all of your belongings to and from a moving truck? You’re carrying all of your boxes and furnishings with an injured hand. Protect yourself from scratches, cuts, and punctures by wearing work gloves. Your hands will be grateful.


This is all you need to get while your house relocation. If still, you go through any doubts then feel free to ask us anytime. Moving Champs Canada will be there for you to solve your issues anytime. 

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